The Best Neighborhoods in Manassas VA

Manassas is a small town in northern Virginia with plenty of rich history. It’s just one hour outside of Washington D.C. and combines small-town charm with the conveniences of living in a major metro area. 

At V Star Real Estate, we help our clients find the best homes for them in the northern Virginia area. We’ve rounded up some of the best neighborhoods in Manassas, VA that you should check out.

Old Town Manassas

Old Town Manassas is where you’ll want to live if you want to be close to everything this area has to offer. This historic area has been revitalized over the past few decades and is home to charming boutiques and locally-owned restaurants. There are also many local government buildings here, and it’s also where they host area farmer’s markets and festivals. 

The properties in this area range widely in size and price range. Most options range between two and four bedrooms. Many of these are older homes that have been renovated. Despite being close to the downtown area, most of these properties still have yards and trees. 

Not only is Old Town Manassas very charming, but it is also very convenient. There are grocery stores and banks within walking distance. If you want to get into Washington D.C. quickly, there is a commuter rail stop in the neighborhood. Other amenities in the area include schools, healthcare, gyms, and small parks. 

Manassas Park

Manassas Park is located north of Old Town Manassas. This area is very residential, so it’s a good option for buyers that need something a bit more peaceful and quiet. However, it’s still within close proximity to all of the amenities you need such as grocery stores, banks, and post offices.   

The homes here are going to be smaller and more affordable than the ones you would find in Old Town Manassas or anywhere closer to Washington D.C. The neighborhood offers a mix of small detached homes as well as townhomes.

If you like to spend time outdoors, Bull Run Regional Park is very close to Manassas Park. This park has a network of hiking trails as well as a waterpark. Manassas Park also has its own community center with a dog park, indoor pool, and gym.

Bull Run

The Bull Run area is located northwest of downtown Manassas. It is very close to the Manassas Battlefield National Park, which is full of interesting historical monuments and is also a popular place to go hiking. Bull Run is also close to the Manassas campus of George Mason University and the Hylton Performing Arts Center, which hosts local symphonies, operas, ballets, and more. 

You’ll find lots of new construction in Bull Run. While many of the properties here are townhomes, there are some single family homes on the north end of the neighborhood. You’ll have less yard space here than in some other parts of Manassas, but you’ll also have all of the benefits of living in a new property.


Sudley is a residential neighborhood that is very close to both Manassas Battlefield National Park as well as Bull Run Regional Park. This area contains mostly older single-family homes and townhomes that are affordably priced. While the area is very quiet and peaceful, it is also more densely packed than nearby Manassas Park, so you won’t have quite as much living space. 

The Sudley area is great for outdoor lovers because of its proximity to multiple parks and hiking trails. There are also many family-friendly activities in this area, including a roller rink, water park, and trampoline center. Grocery stores as well as other shopping and restaurants are close by on Sudley Road. 


Westchester is located south of downtown Manassas and has a more rural feel than the other neighborhoods on our list. This neighborhood is a good option if you are looking for larger lot sizes and plenty of privacy. 

Although this area is further away from local amenities, you’ll get the benefits of large yards and beautiful foliage. Homes here vary widely in size and age - there are some historic options as well as new construction.  There are some homes in this area that have more than five bedrooms and are priced much higher than the rest of the area as a whole. 

Manassas is a charming town with so much to do. Despite being just an hour away from one of the biggest cities in the country, Manassas has the welcoming community that you would get with a small town. 

If you’re looking for a place to live in Manassas, you have so many great neighborhoods to choose from. Contact V Star Real Estate today to check out our listings throughout northern Virginia!

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