Dahlgren Homes

If you’re stationed at Dahlgren and prefer a home of your own, options in the immediate area are limited. The base is located in rural King George County -  by exploring areas just 10 to 40 minutes from base, you’ll find there are many homes that fit a variety of needs, tastes, and budgets. At V Star Real Estate we help members of the military in Northern Virginia and King George County, now all of the ins and outs and are familiar with what you’ll find when you’re looking at Dahlgren Homes.


Dahlgren is situated in King George County on the Potomac River about 25 miles east of Fredericksburg. Compared to parts of Northern Virginia, it is more sparsely populated, and there aren’t as many activities, education centers, and retail options in the area. It all depends on what is most important to you - the region’s slower pace and natural beauty attracts more and more homeowners each year.


If you aren’t interested in living in one of the base rentals, owning gives you freedom of choice, the opportunity to build equity, and added privacy. While there aren’t as many housing options in King George County as there are in the larger cities within driving distance, there are some fantastic neighborhoods worth checking out.

If you’d like to be as close as you can to Dahlgren, check out the King George homes in Presidential Lakes. The neighborhood is less than 20 minutes to Dahlgren and just off of King’s Highway. It consists mostly of midsize single-family homes. The first homes were built in the 1970’s, and the community has continued to grow over the years. There’s also Eden Estates, which is about a 12-minute drive to base. And like Presidential Lakes, it’s a quiet and established community that started developing over 50 years ago and has continued to grow over the years.

If you are looking for more of a selection, you can definitely find all home types in Fredericksburg. From new-construction three-story townhomes to quaint downtown homes and sizable 2-story homes in planned communities, Fredericksburg is the spot. It’s a relatively simple commute to Dahlgren from Fredericksburg and will take about 35-40 minutes. And you’ll not just have more housing options, you’ll be able to choose your school district if you have children, and you’ll be close to all of the other amenities the town has to offer. While King George County is a peaceful area that is more sparsely populated, Fredericksburg will give you that away-from-work-feeling you may need.

If you prefer a home in a larger neighborhood with a good amount of amenities, you might even want to consider venturing as far out as Aquia Harbour in Stafford County. It is home to many members of the military who are stationed at surrounding bases. The drive to Dahlgren will take just under an hour. Most of the route to base is rural, so it's a rather peaceful drive. Spotsylvania County is also an option. You can certainly find large, reasonably priced homes with a good amount of acreage around 40 miles from Dahlgren, depending on the location within the county.

Going into this housing market can be a challenge, and we’re here to help. We know all of the ins and outs of Dahlgren Homes in King George County and the surrounding areas. Contact V Star Real Estate, and we’ll find the right home to fit your needs.

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