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It is well known that traffic in Northern Virginia is a bear. It’s a bustling region full of opportunity and where communities flourish but with a challenge for us all. So what can you do? At V Star Real Estate, we’ve helped endless individuals and families with the intricacies of settling into this busy area. No matter where you live, every part of the country has its pros and cons. So let’s discuss the worst part about NoVA - the traffic, and how to avoid it. 

The Traffic

Northern Virginia is a wonderful place to live, but spending too much time in traffic is no fun at all. Almost all routes into DC from both Virginia and Maryland get backed up as early as 6:00am. The sheer number of commuters contributes to this, in addition to the fact that there’s probably going to be some sort of road construction under way at any given point during your travels.

Public transportation can alleviate some of the hassle, but it isn’t without its own challenges. It will still take time. Traveling by train may seem like the solution, but often by the time you leave your house and get to the Park & Ride, get on the train, transfer trains, and make your way in, the time adds up. In some instances, public transportation can take twice as long.

How to Avoid the Traffic

Living closer to your workplace might initially seem like the pricier option. True, housing will probably be more expensive. However it is a strategic move that pays in convenience and savings, to include: reduced transportation expenses, diminished wear and tear on vehicles, and an improved work-life balance.

If you must live further from your place of employment, plan on taking the train. Position yourself as close as possible and in an area where the trip is a more manageable one. You’ll want to consider living in Silver Spring or Bethesda in Maryland, and Old Towne Alexandria, McLean, and Downtown Arlington in Virginia. It’s in these areas that you’ll have the easiest commute into DC by train.

The traffic conundrum - there is no easy answer. Reach out to us to learn more about the worst part about NoVA - the traffic and how you can avoid it. Let’s talk about where you will be working and what your needs are. We’ll find the best options for you, locate a top realtor in the area you settle on, and lead you on the way to a smooth transition. We’re here to help!

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