Quantico Base Va - The Best Places to Live Near Base

Dumfries, Triangle, Woodbridge, Stafford, and Fredericksburg are the most convenient areas to live in if you are getting stationed in Quantico. Here is our top pick for the best places to live Near Base: 

#1 Stafford VA

Located south of Quantico, this community is a quiet and peaceful suburban area with nice townhomes and single family houses. Most of the area is newer construction, and there is lots of new construction still being built in this area. If you are looking for a new construction home - stafford can be a great place to look.

As for the benefits of living in Stafford, you are a bit farther away from the traffic, homes are much cheaper than some areas closer to DC, and you can find homes with much larger lots than some areas north of Stafford. You can also find waterfront property in Stafford and have access to the Potomac River. You're only about 20 to 25 minutes from base. If you need to travel to DC often or want to visit the city, Stafford is an Hour Drive - something to keep in mind when deciding where to live. 

If you plan to visit DC often, then it might be worth it to be a little closer to the City. Overall - we love this area and think it offers the most for home value out of the other cities in this list. 

#2 Fredericksburg, VA

This city is just south of Stafford and has a similar neighborhood price point. It’s 30-35 minutes to base, so just a little farther away than Stafford.

Something that makes Fredericksburg unique is the town.The town is one of those beautiful homey historic places and is a great place to visit. Downtown Fredericksburg has many historic homes. The streets are beautiful and there are many things to do in the area. This city makes our pick for the best places to live if you are getting stationed in Quantico because of its unique and homey vibes.

If there was a city that was an apple pie - this would be it. There are many neighborhoods in this city, each are very different and some are closer to the town than others.

#3 Triangle VA

No - We're not talking about the shape - the city outside of Quantico is called Triangle. This area only has about 2,000 homes but is the closest community to the base.

If you are lucky to find a home here, your commute to and from work will be much shorter than living in other areas. It’s only a 5-10 minute drive to base. There are many different price points available in Triangle.There are smaller 2 story townhomes but also large 5 bedroom 2 car garage homes. 

If you live in this Triangle you will be doing your shopping and dining in Dumfries. Dumfries is located right next to Triangle and has most of the shopping and grocery stores in the area. For those of you that will be commuting to DC - it’s about a 45 to 55 minute drive. Triangle is the best place to live if you want to have the quickest access to the base. 

#4 Dumfries

It looks like it should be pronounced "Dumb Fries" - but it is pronounced "Dum-frees". This is another great choice if you want to live close to the base. 

Homes are relatively similar in price to Triangle, Stafford, or Fredericksburg - but just keep in mind the closer to DC you go the more expensive the homes will get. There is a lot of new construction, and plenty of townhome communities and affordable single family homes.

One perk of living in Dumfries or Triangle is Prince William Forest Park - there are hiking trails that lead to waterfalls and it is one of the best state parks in the area.

#5 Woodbridge

We started south of Quantico and now we are moving north - Woodbridge is your first taste of rising home prices as you get closer to DC, not by much though. There are also many more options for different types of homes in Woodbridge. This area is mostly developed and established - with homes ranging in price more than the other places we have mentioned.

You have small 2 bedroom apartment-like townhomes, but also huge 6,000 square foot homes. Woodbridge is convenient if you are commuting to DC and Quantico. It’s 25-30 minutes to Quantico and 30-35 minutes to DC.

Take note - There is more traffic in this area and it has less of a rural feel than Stafford or Fredericksburg. Woodbridge is well known for its shopping - Potomac mills is a huge outlet mall located off of the interstate in Woodbridge. If you live in woodbridge - you will have easy access to restaurants and shopping - with even more to choose from going towards DC.

#6 Manassas

This is one of our favorite communities in Northern Virginia. The variety of lifestyle you can have in this city is similar to that of fredericksburg. You can live in Old town Manassas which is a cute and historic downtown area - or you can own an estate tucked away in the hillside with and backed up to your own river. 

Manassas is also tucked farther away from I-95 which is the main interstate people use to commute to Quantico and DC. So if you want to slow down and smell the roses - check out the homes in this area. 

It can get very expensive especially moving into the more private estate neighborhoods with large lots and new construction. There are plenty of homes with a more affordable price point and your own wooden oasis - you just have to do some digging. 

Searching for Homes Near Quantico

It is important for you to work with an agent in northern virginia early when you get orders to Quantico so that you can start hunting for your dream home. Contact V Star Real Estate to start working with a Quantico Real Esate Agent. 

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