The Best Neighborhoods in Fredericksburg Virginia

So you're considering living in fredericksburg? This cute town has several great neighborhoods and today we're going to talk about the top 8 Best Neighborhoods in Fredericksburg Virginia. 

#1 Falmouth

I really like this community - it's on the north side of the rappahannock river - if you look at a map of fredericksburg you will see it is split by the river- Falmouth is on the north side of the river and is a well established community. Most of the homes are single family ranches built in the 60s and 70s, or larger 2 story homes built in the 90s or 2,000s.

One of the best things about this community is they didn’t cut down all of the trees. The Neighborhood is filled with trees and the lot sizes are pretty large, compared to some newer construction communities with smaller yard sizes. Because the area has been developed over 60 years, you will find a variety of home styles.

There are even some streets with townhomes. Regardless of the home you pick, living in falmouth has some cool benefits - like being away from Downtown with more land and being walking or biking distance from the Rappahannock river and state parks.

Because of its established, homey vibes and seclusion from downtown - it makes the list for one of the best areas to live in Fredericksburg.

#2 Leeland Station

If you're more in the search for newer construction then Leeland Station is a good place to look. These homes are single family 2 or 1 story homes with 2 car garages. One reason people choose this community is the amenities -

There’s a tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court, children's playgrounds, nature park and walking trails, and even a pond you can fish in. The community center has a pool of course and a mini fitness center.

This is a great place to live if you are wanting a maintenance free and want the customization that comes with a new construction home. 

#3 Lee’s Hill

This community is much bigger than some on this list! It’s located at the south end of fredericksburg and features a golf course that backs up to massaponax creek. Outside of the community is an industrial park, but it's mostly surrounded by undeveloped land.

This can make it feel isolated and set away from traffic. Traffic in fredericksburg isn’t terrible but it’s definitely gotten worse, stafford virginia is a little better with traffic but it too has been developing and seeing more and more traffic throughout the city.

If you have also been considering Stafford via I did a video outlining neighborhoods in that city as well, I will put the link in the description in case you are considering stafford. Back to Lee’s Hill - I’m not much of a golfer but this is where you want to be if you like to golf.

The course is vast with bridges going over sections of the creek, lots of woods and also a couple of lakes. It’s honestly beautiful back in this neighborhood and like Falmouth it has lots of trees which makes it a nice neighborhood for going on walks and biking.

As for value - you get a lot for your money in this neighborhood - and there are so many options for homes. Fredericksburg overall is a great community to find 3-4 bedroom homes with a decent amount of square footage for a great price.

The price ranges vary dramatically because there are 3 story townhomes and also 6 bedroom brick single family homes with large lots. This neighborhood is great if you don’t want to be too close to downtown and want a wooded neighborhood with decent lot sizes. Another perk is it’s right next to the interstate for an easy commute

#4 Downtown Fredericksburg

You either LOVE downtown life or you don’t. If you love downtown why not live in the city. Fredericksburg is an older town located right on the Rappahannock River. There’s lots of history, shopping, and dining all within walking distance if you live in town.

The sidewalks are brick and so are most of the buildings, it’s a really cool town and has gained a lot of attention in the past decade. Fredericksburg is also a college town - home to University of Mary Washington. The college has continued to support the evolution of Fredericksburg, but some of the most beautiful homes originally built here are still standing.

These are the homes I would recommend looking into if you are going to live downtown. Many of the beautiful historical homes in the center of the city are over 1,000,000 - however there are still great opportunities to find homes for under 500k near old mill park.

Old mill park is right on the rappahannock so if you live in this area you can have quick access to tubing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing. Living in the heart of fredericksburg is a great experience - if you have the opportunity to, I would recommend doing so, however living on these college streets is not for everybody and some want to live in a more secluded community with a larger lot.

#5 Idlewild

A neighborhood with fancy and street lights, with lots of upkept landscaping and an HOA - welcome to Idlewild. A newer construction community with 3 story brick townhomes and 2 story brick or siding single family homes with 2 car garages.

LIke Lee’s hill - I think this community offers great value for the price you pay. It too is a little farther from the center of town, but is still less than a 5 minute drive. There are actually some 6 bedroom homes in this neighborhood but most of the larger homes are 4-5 bedrooms.

Compared to Stafford VA, this neighborhood and many neighborhoods in fredericksburg have a lower price point, this is likely due to being farther away from DC by an additional 20-30 minutes. Something to keep in mind when deciding between the 2 cities. If you are getting stationed in Quantico/triangle - Fredericksburg isn’t too far of a drive, only about 30-40 minutes.

#6 Meadowbrook and Greenfield Village

 This area feels like you are living out in the country - unlike a lot of the areas in fredericksburg, this area is relatively flat - there isn’t any change in elevation throughout the community.

The lots range in size - some are tight up against each other, and others are much larger. Almost all of the houses are single family ranches and 3-4 bedrooms. One thing to note about this community is the homes are typically under 2,000 sqft.

This is a great community for first time homebuyers, or empty nesters looking to downsize. The community is set out of the way from a lot of the traffic and city life - this is the place to live if you like the feel of a country suburb.

#7 Chatham Landing

Located off of route 301 - this community is in a unique location, because it’s situated perfectly between 2 different routes to access the Washington DC area. You can take Route 301 across the Potomac river, or go up Highway 95. Most likely you will take Route 301 - which has less traffic than on 95 and will be a shorter route to DC.

It’s also Right outside of  the Naval Surface Warfare Center - so if you are stationed here this is the most convenient place to live. Chatham landing is pretty far from Fredericksburg - about 35 minutes, however there is a local shopping center with a WalMart in King George.

This community is not technically in Fredericksburg, however this community made the list because many looking in Fredericksburg may decide to consider this area because of its unique location. Caledon State park is one of the area's largest state parks - its over 2,000 acres making it a great park to explore.

Because there are fewer than 100 homes in Chatham Landing, they go fast! This is one reason why it’s super important to work with a local lender and an agent familiar with the area. The homes are around 3-4000 square feet and 4 to 5 bedrooms.

If you thought you could get a lot for your money in fredericksburg, this community takes the cake. The lots are pretty big, and most of the homes back up to the woods, making it beautiful in your backyard in the fall.

This neighborhood is perfect for those wanting an alternative route to the DC area - and those who want to get a large lot at a great price point.

#8 Kendall Hills

Kendall Hills is a new construction community and at the time of this video has not been developed yet. The community is going to be the lowest priced, new single family homes in Stafford County.

There are 4 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, and a 5 bedroom option. These homes are on the smaller size on average ranging from 1300sqft to 2200 square feet. I wanted to include this community because some people really want a new construction home they can choose the updates in and decide on their own floor plan.

Purchasing a Home in Fredericksburg

Those are 8 great areas to call home in Fredericksburg. I hope this blog helped you get an understanding of some of the different places you can live here - to see all of the homes for sale specifically in fredericksburg or any of these communities click here. 

If you are ready to move here you can reach out to me and I will help you find your perfect neighborhood and home. I work with the military and those moving to the area who have no idea where to live. It is my goal to help you find your dream home. Thank you guys so much for reading and check out my other blogs and videos if you are looking for more information about the area.

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