The Best Neighborhoods in Springfield VA

Looking to move to Northern Virginia in the near future? Springfield is a place that you might be considering for your new home. Located just 15 miles from Washington, D.C., Springfield is a major commercial center in the suburbs. Living here offers the convenience that comes with living in a big city but the quiet charm of living in the suburbs. Here at V Star Real Estate, we help our clients find amazing new homes in the northern Virginia area. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best neighborhoods in Springfield VA.

Springfield Town Center

If living in a convenient location is your biggest priority, the Springfield Town Center area is a great place to look. There are multiple shopping centers located in this neighborhood, as well as office complexes, schools, and a large medical center. The Franconia-Springfield Metro station and commuter rail both stop in this area, making it quick and easy to get into Washington D.C. without driving.

The properties in this area tend to be single-family homes. Most lots have large yards and many trees. Homes in this area have three to five bedrooms and have a traditional brick facade. Many of these properties also come with garages and driveways.

Island Creek

Island Creek is a subdivision on the southern end of Springfield. This area is very quiet. The neighborhood has a mix of single-family homes and modern condo communities.

Although this area is quieter than other parts of Springfield, it still has a small shopping center with a grocery store, gym, and restaurants nearby. There are also some walking trails in Island Creek, so residents can take a stroll through Springfield’s beautiful wooded areas.

West Springfield

West Springfield is another quiet and beautiful neighborhood that’s worth checking out if you are looking for a suburban place to live. Most properties in this area are single-family homes with large yards. When compared to other parts of Springfield, homes in this area tend to be bigger and come with a higher price tag as well.

There are many schools located in West Springfield, which makes it a convenient location for families. While most of the neighborhood is residential, there is a small commercial area that has two grocery stores and everything else you might need while running errands. 

West Springfield is also a great place to live if you like spending time outside. There is a large golf course and country club here, as well as multiple parks with playgrounds, walking trails, a lake, and a mini golf course. While this neighborhood has a quiet suburban feel, it still offers plenty of fun things to do.

North Springfield

North Springfield is another quiet residential neighborhood in the Springfield area. It is very similar to West Springfield in that it consists mostly of single-family homes on large lots. This is a great place to live if you want to have a large yard with lots of trees. Like West Springfield, properties in North Springfield can also be a bit pricey.

There is an intersection of two major highways just outside of North Springfield, which makes it a relatively quick drive into Washington D.C. There is also a commuter rail stop on the Manassas line in North Springfield for those who prefer to commute without driving.

This area was first settled hundreds of years ago, and there are still historic landmarks and properties throughout North Springfield. Lake Accotink Park is also located in North Springfield and has hiking trails and a lake for residents to enjoy.

Newington Forest

Newington Forest is tucked away on the southwestern edge of Springfield. While it isn’t as close to shopping or public transportation as some other neighborhoods in Springfield, it is a great option if you want to live somewhere quiet and peaceful. This neighborhood has a mix of small and large single-family homes, with options at varying price points. Homes here are also relatively spread out, which means that residents can enjoy plenty of privacy. With multiple parks nearby and walking trails that run through the area, Newington Forest is also a great place for anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors.

Kings Park

Kings Park is another one of the best neighborhoods in Springfield VA. Most properties in this neighborhood are two-story single family homes with traditional brick faces. Homes in this area tend to have between three to five bedrooms, and most come with large yards and driveways. Although Kings Park is very quiet, there is a local grocery store and library located here. If you’re looking for a very traditional suburban neighborhood, Kings Park is a great place to start.

Tucked away in the Washington D.C. suburbs, Springfield, Virginia is a great place to move. With natural beauty, great shopping, and conveniently located public transportation, this area offers something for everyone. If you’re considering moving to Springfield soon, be sure to check out our website to see all of the latest listings and contact us to find out more about the best neighborhoods in Springfield VA.

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