The Best Neighborhoods in Stafford Virginia

If you’re making the move to Stafford VA - then you're definitely going to want to check out these neighborhoods. Stafford is a quiet community and is a great suburb if you are getting stationed in Quanitco, Triangle, or moving to Washington DC. It's set away from the traffic farther North towards DC, which is why many families choose to make Stafford their home. Browse the current homes for sale in stafford.

#1 Aquia Harbour

Aquia Harbour is a gated community that is loaded with amenities. You have a golf course, horse stables with indoor and outdoor riding, dog parks, Tennis courts, jogging and walking paths, and even a marina. The marina is a unique amenity if you are into boating, you can access your boat just around the corner from your house.

These amenities do come at a cost, there are many fees depending on the amenities you choose to utilize. Some homes in Aquia Harbour have their own boat dock with Access to Aquia Creek. Aquia Creek leads to the Potomac River and eventually to the Chesapeake bay.

Waterfront homes in Stafford are typically going to be located on the Potomac River or on waterfront that leads to the Potomac River. The Potomac river is a great river for kayaking, boating, fishing, or any other water related activities you enjoy. Government Island is located right next to Aquia Harbour, and is known for its expansive boardwalk and Tranquil Creek.

The homes in this community have an average of 3,500 sqft and are typically 4bed 4bath with 2 stories. You can however find some unique single story houses located in this community, as well as some 5 bedroom homes. It’s only located a few minutes from I-95 - making it a great place to live if you have to commute to work.

This community is unique because it's one of the few with so many amenities and access to the Potomac River. This community is perfect for those who want to live in a gated community with a variety of amenities, and for those who want easy boating access to the Potomac River.

#2 Hampton Oaks

This community is located right over the interstate from Aquia Harbour Hampton Oaks is mainly a single family community but also has some opportunities for townhomes and Condos. The single family homes you will find in this community are on average around 3,000 SQft with 4 to 5 bedrooms and 3 to 4 baths.

This community also has the benefit of being right next to I-95 and right up the street from the Stafford Shopping center, where most of the restaurants and shopping in Stafford is located. A quick side note if you're buying in the Stafford area - Stafford is a relatively small area - all of the communities you will find are within 5-15 minutes from our main shopping and Dining area. Most of the homes in this community are 2 stories with brick or siding and 2 car garages.

The townhomes and condos in Hampton Oaks are very nice and are a great option if you are downsizing, don’t need a lot of garage space, or are just looking for a better price point compared to the larger and more expensive single story homes in this community. This community is ideal if you are looking to have that perfect suburban lifestyle but don’t need all of the amenities of aquia harbour.

#3 Embrey Mill

Embrey Mill is a huge new construction community with both townhomes and single family houses. Compared to some of the older neighborhoods in the area, these homes are slightly higher in price point when comparing square footage and amenities.

These homes do however have the benefit of being brand new and won’t need as much maintenance compared to an older home. Amenities in this community include a community garden, parks and playgrounds, and the Embrey House - A community clubhouse with a bistro and cafe, pool, and a fitness center.

There’s a Publix right outside of the community, so you won't have to go far for your late night grocery hunt. Embrey Mill is also only about a 10 minute drive to the main shopping and dining area of Stafford. So, if you are considering new construction homes, or newer construction homes - embrey hill is a great option.

#4 Colonial Forge

Colonial Forge is a newer community with huge 2 car garage townhomes and single family homes. The townhomes in Colonial Forge are some of the best in the area. They are 3 stories, typically over 2,500 sqft- which is huge for a townhome, and they were built between 2014 and 2015 so they are pretty updated on the inside.

The Community also has a very nice  pool and clubhouse. It’s right down the street from the Publix, only about a 5 minute drive. If I were to purchase a townhome, this is likely where I would choose to live. The Single family homes are around 4,000 sqft and compared to Embrey Hill, you get more for your money in this community.

Embrey hill and Colonial Forge actually are right around the corner from each other. I would definitely recommend driving through this neighborhood and Embrey Hill before making a decision. Colonial Forge is the place to live if you like Embrey Mill, but want to get a little more bang for your buck.

#5 Widewater Village

Next on our list is Widewater Village. Compared to some of the other neighborhoods, these single family homes are situated on a smaller lot - with slightly less sqft, on average these homes sit at around 2,500 Sqft. WIth that said, if you don’t need 4,000 sqft then this neighborhood may be perfect.

These homes aren’t new construction but they aren’t super old, they were built between 2004 and 2010. Most have either 2 car garages or a single car garage. Almost all of the homes in this neighborhood have 4 bedrooms. There isn’t a clubhouse or any major amenities, but it is a gated community with a required keycard to enter in the evening hours.

This community is the ideal suburb, and in my opinion has a great price point compared to some of the more expensive 4 bedroom communities in the area. This neighborhood is great if you need a 4 bedroom home but don’t want to spend extra money on lot size, or an oversized floor plan.

#6 Shelton Woods

If you are looking for a large Newer construction home - shelton woods is a great place to start looking. The homes in this community are Typically 6 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms or 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The homes are around 4,000 sqft - plenty of room for your family.

The homes have 2 car garages, but they even have a floorplan that has a 3 car garage. These homes usually have open concept floor plans and huge kitchens. Communities in the area like Embrey Mill and Colonial Forge also have some larger homes, but Shelton Woods homes on average have greater sq ft and more bedrooms.

One thing to note about this neighborhood and some of the other ones on our list. The lot size is relatively tight, you are only about 20ft away from your neighbors house. Compared to neighborhoods like Aquia Harbor, where the lots are much larger with more privacy. Shelton woods overall is a great neighborhood and is where you want to look if you are looking for a 6 bedroom newer construction home in Stafford.

#7 Liberty Knolls

7 bedroom houses aren’t common - but you can find them in Liberty Knolls neighborhood. You can also find 4 bedroom homes in this community. Liberty Knolls is directly across from Colonial Forge High and Colonial Forge Community.

It’s newer construction - are you beginning to see a pattern here? Most of Stafford has been developed in the past 20 years, which is why there is so much new construction. If you drive around stafford you will see most of the roads are paved new, community signs look like they were just built. Well, It’s because they were!

Just like many of the communities in Stafford, Liberty Knolls is a newer community as well. It’s only single family homes - but the homes vary in style, price, and features. It’s not the largest community, with fewer than 200 homes, but it’s definitely one that is worth taking a look at.

#8 Augustine North

A huge golf course, forested streets, and larger lots - these are all characteristics of Augustine North, a quiet and tucked away community in Stafford. The homes you will find in this neighborhood all have variety - you can find some that have a grand mansion like appearance with over 7,000 sq ft - and some that are similar to that of the other areas we have talked about - with around 4,000 sqft.

This community stands out because its one of the few that has a lot of forestry and landscaping throughout. Another unique aspect of this neighborhood is the golf course. Most of the homes back up to the golf course but are protected from flying golf balls by a thin layer of woods.

Compared to the other neighborhoods we have mentioned - with the exception of Aquia Harbour - this community is one of the few that has decently large lots and woods for that quiet and private feel. So, if you like to golf, and appreciate having woods in your backyard - Augustine North is a great community to put on your list.

#9 Magnolia Woods

Acres and Acres and Acres- this is what you get in Magnolia Woods. Magnolia Woods is a small community with single family homes on lots around 4 acres. With only around 100 homes, it’s not often homes are for sale in Magnolia Woods.

When they are, it’s a great opportunity to own a 5 bedroom home nestled away in mature woods on your own property. There is No HOA. I repeat NO HOA - so this place is for you buyers looking for the maximum privacy with no one telling you what you can and can’t do.

This community is unique because most places in Stafford will have an HOA. A lot of the homes are 2 story houses with a wrap around porch. It’s so private back in this community - we can’t really even show you what it looks like driving on the street. When you start looking for homes we will have to go look at them in person.

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