The Best Places to Live Near Fort Belvoir

Getting stationed at Fort Belvoir soon? There are plenty of great places to live nearby. At VStar Real Estate, we help our clients find the best homes for them in northern Virginia. We’ve rounded up five of the best places to live near Fort Belvoir.

1. Woodbridge

If you’re looking for a quick commute to base, it’s hard to go wrong with Woodbridge. This D.C. suburb is just over 10 miles from Fort Belvoir and the commute is less than 30 minutes by car. It’s also a great option if you want to go into Washington D.C. frequently, as that drive typically takes less than 40 minutes. 

Woodbridge is a well-developed area and has a wide range of homes to choose from. You’ll find options ranging from small two-bedroom townhomes all the way to larger single-family homes that are over 4,000 square feet. The homes in this area also range very widely in price, especially in comparison to some of the other areas near Fort Belvoir. 

Since Woodbridge is so well-developed, you’ll have everything you need within a short drive. Schools, healthcare, and grocery stores are all conveniently located in town. 

The Potomac Mills mall is also located in Woodbridge, which has made it a popular place to go shopping. For residents who love to spend time outdoors, there are two national wildlife refuges located in Woodbridge.

2. Dumfries

If you’re looking to live somewhere a bit more laid-back, consider Dumfries instead. While Dumfries is a slightly longer commute from Fort Belvoir than Woodbridge, it is much quieter and more residential. Dumfries is also very close to Quantico, which is very convenient if you have any family members stationed there. 

Many homes here have larger yards and are more spread out from their neighbors. You’ll find mostly large single-family homes with at least three bedrooms. Most of the options you’ll find are new construction, although there are some historic homes here and there. 

Dumfries is currently working to revitalize their downtown area with new shops and restaurants. The Prince William Forest Park is also located in Dumfries and has miles of beautiful hiking trails to choose from.

3. Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is conveniently located just north of Fort Belvoir, with commutes as short as 10 minutes. It’s also a very quick drive into Washington D.C. - sometimes less than 30 minutes. The area is home to George Washington’s historic estate, which has been preserved since the 18th century and has become a very popular tourist destination. If you want to live in an area with a lot of beauty and historic significance, Mount Vernon is a great option. 

Homes here are a little more expensive than some other areas near Fort Belvoir, especially as you get closer to Washington D.C. Many properties here are older single-family homes on large lots with yards and garages. However, there are some new townhouses that are much smaller located along Richmond Highway.

4. Springfield

Springfield is another great option if you want to live closer to Washington D.C. but still have an easy commute to Fort Belvoir. It is located right off the intersection of two major highways, so it takes less than 20 minutes to get to Fort Belvoir and less than 30 minutes to get into Washington D.C.

Because Springfield is close to Washington D.C., home prices are going to be a bit higher here than in towns further south. There are a lot of charming townhomes to choose from here, but you’ll find some single-family options as well. 

One reason why many people like Springfield is access to public transportation. There are both Metro and Virginia commuter rail stops in Springfield. There are also plenty of shopping and dining options in Springfield, especially at the Springfield Mall. For those who want a more fast-paced lifestyle, Springfield is one of the best places to live near Fort Belvoir.

5. Lorton

The Lorton area has a lot to offer and is less than 20 minutes away from Fort Belvoir. Unlike Woodbridge and Springfield, which can get very busy, Lorton is a bit more laid-back. 

Here you’ll find mostly small single-family homes ranging from two to four bedrooms. Pricing here is also a bit more affordable than areas that are close to Washington D.C. 

If you like to spend time outside, Lorton offers access to a wide network of trails and multiple golf courses. There’s also a commuter rail and Amtrak station in Lorton, which makes it easy to get to Washington D.C. and other large cities quickly.

These places near Fort Belvoir have an amazing selection of homes to choose from and great amenities. If you’re being stationed at Fort Belvoir soon, it’s important to work with a real estate agent who can help you find the right home for you. Contact V Star Real Estate today to learn more about the best places to live near Fort Belvoir.

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