The Top 5 Cities to Live in South of D.C.

When you think of Washington, D.C, you probably think of the White House and the National Mall, but this area has so much more to offer. Many of Washington D.C.’s southern suburbs have become popular places to move due to a vibrant housing market and amazing local amenities. At V Star Real Estate, we help our clients find their perfect home in the southern Washington D.C. metro area. In this article, we’ll talk about the top five cities to live in south of Washington D.C.

1. Dumfries

Dumfries is a small town in Prince Edward County that has a lot to offer. It is just a 10-minute drive away from Quantico, which makes it a very convenient place to live for military members that have been stationed there. 

Dumfries is unique in that it is the oldest continuously chartered town in Virginia. European settlers first reached this area in 1690 and the town was first chartered in 1749. During the colonial period, Dumfries was a major port city, and there are still some historic structures that exist from this period. However, there has also been plenty of new development in this area over the past few decades. Today, there are many different types of homes to choose from in Dumfries. 

The area also has plenty of appealing amenities for residents. There are high-quality public and private schools in the area for families with kids. There are plenty of casual restaurants to choose from, and the Potomac Mills mall nearby is home to popular outlet stores.

If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, you’ll find plenty to do in Dumfries as well. The town is located just outside of Prince William Forest Park, which has a large network of hiking and biking trails. There are also multiple golf courses in the area, as well as boat launches on the Potomac River.

The housing in Dumfries is quite varied at the moment, with a mix of older homes and new construction. We have seen a lot of new condos in this area as the local government builds up the downtown Dumfries area. The average cost of a home here is more affordable than in Washington D.C. and many other suburbs.

2. Woodbridge

If you like all the amenities that Dumfries has to offer but want to be in a slightly larger town, Woodbridge could be the right place for you. Woodbridge is located a short drive north from Dumfries right on the Potomac River. 

Woodbridge is best known as the home of the Potomac Mills Mall. This mall has hundreds of stores, many of which are outlets for popular luxury brands. The mall also contains a movie theater and amusement park for kids. 

The Woodbridge area has excellent public schools for families that live in the area. The Northern Virginia Community College also has a campus in Woodbridge offering continuing education classes. Woodbridge also offers excellent medical care, with multiple medical centers in town. For those who need to get into Washington, D.C. quickly, there is a commuter rail system in town. 

Like Dumfries, the Woodbridge area is also known for its natural beauty. There are two national wildlife refuges in this area where visitors can see local wildlife species. These waterside parks have trails for hiking as well as boat launches and picnic areas. 

Since Woodbridge is a bit closer to Washington D.C., you’ll see more expensive housing options here. This area has been developed very quickly in recent years, especially around the busy mall area. Although prices are higher, you’ll get a quicker commute into the city and plenty of local amenities.

3. Stafford

Stafford is a small town full of colonial and Civil War history. If you’re looking for an area that’s quiet, peaceful, and surrounded by natural beauty, it’s hard to go wrong with Stafford. Stafford is another popular place to live for military members because of its proximity to Quantico. It’s also a short drive away from Fredericksburg and Mary Washington University, so it’s very easy for people who commute there. 

Like many other towns in northern Virginia, Stafford was first settled in the 17th century and still has many historic homes. While there’s something here for everyone, it’s particularly popular among families due to the excellent local schools, kid-friendly public parks, and public rec centers with pools. 

There are still many historic homes in the Stafford area, but there has also been a large amount of new construction here in recent years. This means there has consistently been a wide range of properties to choose from, with options available at different price points. Because Stafford is a bit further away from the city, many homes come with large outdoor spaces and are more secluded than in some other suburbs.

4. Manassas

Manassas is another Northern Virginia town that is full of rich history. The first major Civil War battle was fought in Manassas, and the town grew during this time. This history is commemorated today at the Manassas National Battlefield Park. The Old Town Manassas area is also home to many historic buildings from this time period. 

Old Town Manassas is very charming and has an excellent selection of local restaurants and boutiques. The area has so much to do for both children and adults as well. The Hylton Performing Arts Center is a popular venue that hosts professional theater, opera, and ballet performances. The Manassas area also has a water park, rock climbing gym, golf club, and many other opportunities for recreation. 

The housing market in Manassas is quite varied in terms of pricing as well as the size and type of housing. The area is in high demand due to its easy access to the city as well as the strong local community. There are many smaller, older homes near the downtown area, with larger, more secluded homes further outside of town.

5. Alexandria

Alexandria is a small historic city just outside of Washington D.C. It is a great place to live for anyone that needs to commute downtown. The Washington D.C. Metro has stops in Alexandria, so residents have the option to commute by public transit. Alexandria is also very close to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, so it is very convenient for those who travel regularly. 

What makes Alexandra so special is its Old Town neighborhood, much of which has been preserved from the 18th and 19th centuries. When you wander through Alexandria, you’ll see many historic homes and businesses, some of which are open to the public. The waterfront area has become a popular destination for dining, drinking, and shopping. 

Alexandria has all of the convenience and amenities of living in a big city, but still has the charm of living in a small town. The area has a strong sense of community and there’s always something to do. 

Housing in Alexandria is going to be the most expensive when compared to other options on our list due to the rich history and charm of the area as well as its convenient location. Alexandria is much more dense than other suburbs in northern Virginia, which typically means that homes are smaller. However, many of these homes have unique features and historic charm that make them very appealing despite the smaller size. 

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