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When deciding where to live in Northern Virginia, you need to consider the commute, things to do in each area, home price, and amenities. Working with V Star Real Estate means you have an agent that will help you find the perfect home for you, whether your here or deployed. These are the Top Reasons to Live in Fredericskburg Virginia:

Reason #1: The Downtown Area

I mean seriously, who doesn't love the streets of downtown Fredericksburg? As far as homey historical cities to live in Virginia, this is definitely at the top of our list. The Town has so many beautiful historical homes, it’s also the home of the University of Mary Washington, so it is a college town. 

Fredericksburg is located right on the Rappahannock so you can grab a bite to eat in town, have a drink, then head down to the water to enjoy the riverfront. The city has Brick Sidewalks and mostly brick buildings which makes for a really cool aesthetic. If you're lucky enough to find a home in downtown, you get to enjoy a pretty cool lifestyle living in this unique city.

Reason: #2 Pricepoint

You get so much for your money here - it’s cheaper than stafford va, and much cheaper than DC. The only downside is it is a bit farther of a drive than some other cities closer to DC or quantico.

Still, having the option for more land and more house for the same price is tempting for a lot of people, which is why a lot of people who live here commute each day to Quantico or DC for work. Property Taxes are also going to be cheaper - this is an expense a lot of buyers forget to consider and is why it is important to work with a local loan officer to figure out exactly what you qualify for.

 #3: The Best of Both Worlds

Not too close, not too far - fredericksburg is great for accessing both Richmond and Washington DC. If you enjoy trips to the city - you have 2 of Virginia's best options within an hour from you. You can explore DC’s unique history and museums one day, and then go bar and restaurant hopping the next day in Richmond, all in one weekend.

If you like camping and state parks - it’s also only about an hour and a half from Shenandoah national park - which extends along the blue ridge mountains and has arguably some of the best hiking, camping, and fishing opportunities in Virginia.

#4: Beautiful Homes

Of course a huge reason people move here over some other areas are the homes! The houses downtown are absolutely gorgeous. The craftsmanship you can find in some of these older homes is non existent in new construction. But - if you are looking for new construction there are plenty of opportunities for that as well.

You can move to a more rural area and live in the country of Fredericksburg, you can have a cute single story ranch across from downtown in Falmouth, or you can find a brand new 2 story home outside of downtown and away from the traffic.  It first starts with deciding whether to move to stafford, or fredericksburg, or dumfries.

If you are ready to start looking for homes, reach out to us or you can see all of the new homes for sale on our website. You can also see our other video on the Best Neighborhoods in Fredericskburg Virginia if you are sold on living here!

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