Top Reasons to Live in Woodbridge

Washington D.C. is an exciting and bustling city booming with opportunity, but living in D.C. is generally very costly. If you prefer to reside in a D.C. suburb, Woodbridge is one of the most affordable and attractive options. It is a perfect place for active families and professionals looking for a suburban departure from the big city. At V Star Real Estate, we help our clients find amazing homes in Woodbridge VA and throughout the northern Virginia area. Here are the top reasons to live in Woodbridge VA.

The Location

Commuters will be pleased to know that Woodbridge is directly adjacent to I-95 and Route 1. Located just 21 miles south of D.C., the ease of travel from Woodbridge makes it possible for many professionals to commute to work. Many neighborhoods in the city are also home to service members. Woodbridge is only 9 miles from Ft. Belvoir, and 16 miles from Quantico.

Even though Woodbridge is a very small town, public transportation is still a viable alternative to driving. There are several commuter lots for the bus service into D.C. Additionally, Woodbridge has two stations where you can catch either an Amtrak or Virginia Railway Express train. When moving to Woodbridge, familiarizing yourself with the public transportation systems can save you time, money, and worry. 

Woodbridge is surrounded by both the Potomac and Occoquan rivers, and nestled on Belmont Bay. Between stunning waterfront views and the city’s wildlife refuges and state parks, Woodbridge could not be more beautifully located.

The Cost of Living & Housing

While the cost of living in Woodbridge is 19% higher than the U.S. average, it has one of the lowest costs of living of all of the D.C. suburbs. For example, Alexandria’s cost of living index is 150, while Woodbridge’s index is closer to 119, with a median home cost of $408,000.  This area may be a more affordable option, and is one of the top reasons to live in Woodbridge VA.

You’ll find almost all styles of living in Woodbridge. The real estate market offers a mix of smaller, single-family homes and newly developed communities with larger houses and townhomes. Some of the best neighborhoods to look for single-family homes include Lake Ridge, River Falls, The Meadows of Minnieville, and Featherstone Farms. Port Potomac, The Glen, and Powell’s Landing are just a few of the great communities that offer spacious townhomes.

The beautiful riverfront neighborhoods offer a blend of townhomes, condominiums, and single-family homes. Some of the most sought-after properties are on Belmont Bay. Many waterfront areas continue to grow, and several new community plans are in the works.

There is Plenty to Do

Even though Woodbridge is small, there is still a great deal to do. Wildlife lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the numerous city and state parks, waterfront hiking, camping, fishing, and boating Woodbridge has to offer. The beautiful Occoquan Bay and Featherstone National Wildlife Refuges offer hundreds of acres of wetlands, grasslands, and forests and are locals’ favorites for birdwatching. 

When you’re not retreating to one of these quiet escapes, you can enjoy miles and miles of designated cycling routes or stop by one of the popular farmer’s markets. Woodbridge is also home to the favored Lake Ridge and Old Hickory Golf Clubs. In addition to so many amazing outdoor recreation spots, there are several bowling alleys and even an ice skating facility.

The historic Rippon Lodge is situated in Woodbridge on the Potomac River and Neabsco Creek, and is open for tours from spring to fall. Living in Woodbridge VA also allows you to easily explore the attractions in nearby cities. There is no shortage of historic sites, museums, and trails in Prince William County.

The Shopping… 

Well-known in Prince William County for the abundance of shopping available directly off I-95, Woodbridge is home to Virginia’s largest outlet mall. Potomac Mills holds over 220 stores, 25 places to dine, and also has an IMAX theater. The area surrounding the mall is even packed with chain restaurants, big-name stores, and other retailers.  

Stonebridge at Potomac Town Center is another great spot to do some shopping. In addition to its numerous stores, the space offers unique restaurants, fitness centers, grocery and pet stores, service centers, a cinema drafthouse, and a few doctors’ offices. In the cooler months, Potomac Town Center even boasts an outdoor skating rink.  

Because real estate prices are lower in Woodbridge than in suburbs closer to D.C., going into this housing market can be competitive, and we’re here to help. Contact V Star Real Estate, and we can find you the right home and explore more of the top reasons to live in Woodbridge VA. Be sure to check out our website to search for all of the latest listings in the area!

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