Triangle Virginia - Best Places to Live Near Quantico

Introducing the most convenient place to live if you are getting stationed in Quantico Virginia. Triangle is a small town adjacent to Quantico with many different options for homes. This area doesn't have any sort of downtown, and people mainly live here if they work in Quantico or DC. It’s convenient location and great homes make it a desirable community in Northern Virginia. 

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Triangle Virginia - What is This Place?

You know you have reached this area when you see the huge Monumental National Museum of the marine corps building hovering over Route I-95. This city is home to many marines who work at Quantico, as well as other military personnel. Triangle is about a 5-10 minute drive to Quantico and about a 45-50 minute drive to DC.

Things You Can Do if You Live Here

Things to do in the area include - taking a trip to DC to visit the museums, historical monuments, and to enjoy the restaurants and bars. Visiting Prince William Forest Park for walking and biking trails that lead to waterfalls. You can also drop your boat in the potomac river for a day out on the water. 

If you are looking for shopping or dining in triangle, you will either have to go on base or head up to dumfries -only about a 10 minute drive to their shopping center. 

What About the Homes?

Triangle is a small town, with only around 2,000 homes. The homes you will find here have a lot of variety. You can find a 5 bedroom new construction home for $650,000 or a 3 bedroom townhome for $300,000. If you are a first time homebuyer or are looking to upgrade to a larger home in this area - you can find a home that meets your needs.

Our favorite homes in Triangle Va are brick two story homes with two car garages. The neighborhoods are wooded and the houses have great lot sizes. Another great find in Triangle are the cute little three bedroom bungalows - great for a first time home buyer. The nice thing about some of the homes in Triangle is many of them have been updated with many buyers moving in and making improvements to homes. There isn’t a whole lot of new construction, but there are some opportunities to purchase a lot and build a home.

Before You Move - Need to Knows

Overall, Triangle is one of the top communities we recommend for those relocating to northern virginia - especially if you will be working in Quantico. The only way to know what community you want to live in is to see the homes for yourself online and in person. As a buyer, you don't have to pay anything for a real estate agent, so you should work with an agent that can help you find your home and make an easy move. Our agents are relocation specialists who help military service members find their home oasis outside of the crowded base of Quantico. Reach out to us if you are getting stationed here to begin your home search process. 

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